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How to Participate?

The Point of Use Filter


The Post Construction Lead Testing


The Lead Service Line Replacement (LSLR) Pilot Project focuses on replacing the private-side lead service in low-to moderate-income areas on a “first-come” basis. This project will occur in 2023.

The pilot project prioritizes private-side lead replacements for buildings that have already had public-side lead service lines replaced as part of a previous water main replacement project. Since these buildings may have a remaining portion of lead on the private side, the City is required to replace that private-side lead line. For this reason, completing the remainder of the lead service line replacement is imperative. There is no cost to buildings that have an existing lead service line and are eligible to participate.


The final number of eligible property owner is based on the available budget for the year. The City of Evanston budgeted for LSLR Pilot Project from the water fund and other City funding sources. 

Additionally, those who enroll after the project has closed to new participants will be entered into a database for consideration for any future replacement projects the City may consider or will be entered into the current program if additional funding sources are available.  

Pilot Project LSLR

Revised Pilot Location Map 20220419.jpg

The City of Evanston has identified buildings that are eligible to participate in the 2023 LSLR Pilot Project. These buildings are located on blocks where the water main has previously been replaced and are within a

low-to moderate-income area. If your building is eligible, you will receive a notice guiding you to sign and return a Right-of-Entry (ROE) form.


City of Evanston 555 Lincoln Street

Evanston, IL 60201

Attn: Ronald Papa



Following both private-side and full lead service pipe replacements, the AWWA recommends the use of a point-of-use (POU) drinking water filter.


The POU filters are used in filtration systems that are attached directly to water faucets, inserted into refrigerators for water dispensers and ice makers, or inserted into water pitchers and bottles. 

The City of Evanston’s Public Works Agency will deliver a POU filter pitcher and two replacement filter cartridges to the affected properties. After the lead service line is replaced, the POU filter should be used for at least 6 months, and the filter cartridges should be replaced as needed. Under this project, the property owner will also be provided with tips on how to properly flush water, which will be reviewed both at the start of the renovations and the day of completion.

Even if the lead pipe is fully replaced, lead can still exist inside other plumbing fixtures. Due to these concerns, the AWWA recommends post-construction testing to determine if lead is still present.   

The property owner will be sent a test kit to check the water quality 3 months after the full or private-side lead service line replacement. The property owner will be provided with instructions on how to carefully collect water samples and how to send the sample back to the lab for analysis. Following analysis, the property owner will receive a letter with their results.

How to Participate
The Point of Use Filter
The Post Construction Lead Testing

Lead Service Line Process Summary

Start Here

  • Property owner signs Right-of-Entry (ROE).

  • Property owner provides signed ROE to City.

Property Owner/


Property Owner Declines to Participate

  • City representative schedules inspection of home to verify lead service line.

  • City representative will try to accommodate property owner schedule as much as reasonably possible.

  • City representative Completes Property Owner Inspection form to document service line material, and meter location.

Property Owner/


  • Contractor schedules building inspection with property owner + City Representative.

  • Contractor performs inspection.

  • Contractor discusses construction method and restoration with property owner + City Representative.

  • Potholing, by making small excavation in the parkway in front of your building, may be performed prior to the start of the work if additional verification of your water service line material is required. The location of potholing will be restored with grass as part of this work.

Contractor -


Contractor -


  • Property owner agrees to replace Lead service line, and signs the Property Owner Agreement form.

LSLR2022_Process summary graphic_5.3.22_SC2.png

Property Owner Declines to Participate

  • Contractor schedules installation date with property owner during normal work hours.

  • Contractor completes replacement + restoration.

Contractor –






Lead Sevice Line Process Summary

Contact Us

If you have any comments or questions about the Evanston Lead Service Line Replacement,

please call or write to us at: 


City of Evanston

Water Production Bureau 

555 Lincoln Street

Evanston, IL 60201




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