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 Pilot Project

The Lead Service Line Replacement (LSLR) Pilot Project prioritizes private-side lead replacements for homes that have already had public-side lead service lines replaced as part of a previous water main replacement project. There is no cost to homes that have an existing lead service line and are eligible to participate.  



Annual Water Main Project 

As part of the Annual Water Main Project LSLR, the City of Evanston is offering a full lead service line replacement at no cost to the homeowner if there is an existing lead service line and if a homeowner lives in a building that is directly impacted by the annual water main replacement. 



Homeowner Initiated

Under the Homeowner Initiated LSLR, the property owner may replace the service that goes from their home to the valve in the parkway (parkway valve). Once this work is completed, the City will replace the portion of service from the parkway to the water main (public side) if the service is lead at no cost to the property owner.

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